Spectacles – Sunglasses that Snap!

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Spectacles – Sunglasses that Snap!

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Make Memories with Spectacles

Specs let you capture the moment—make that, any and every moment—from your perspective. The sunglasses record ten-second video Snaps (up to 100 per charge), and then posts it all to your Snapchat account via Bluetooth (with the app open and your device nearby). Just pop on a pair, press the button, and get Snap-ping. The LED ring lights up when you’re recording (to give friends fair warning) and indicates Specs battery level, too. Now there’s no need for a phone—just Snap what you see.How to start Snapping:

  • Press, Play:Just press the button to start recording a 10-second video from your perspective, hands-free. Press again to extend to 20 or 30 seconds.
  • Lights, Camera:Spectacles light up to let friends know you’re recording. What you do next is up to you!
  • Full Circle:Relive the moment the way you experienced it with our unique circular video format. Rotate your phone to catch every detail. Or, pinch to zoom out and see everything, all at once!
  • In Sync:Your videos are automatically backed up and saved to Memories on Snapchat. Just open Snapchat to start importing via Bluetooth, or connect to Spectacles over Wi-Fi to import in HD.
  • Share Anywhere:Send your videos to friends, add them to your Story, or save them to your Camera Roll. You can even add captions, stickers, doodles, and other effects on Snapchat!
  • Charge on the Go:No need to bring your charging cable along — or even your phone! Spectacles can capture and store videos on their own, and recharge up to four times in their included charging case.
  • Compatible with Snapchat on iOS and Android devices.

More About Specs:

  • Available in black, coral, or teal
  • LED light indicates charge level
  • Can charge via the case or USB cable
  • Every Snap can be extended twice, giving you a full 30 second video
  • In Memories, recordings will be broken up into 3 10-second snaps
  • When watching Snaps recorded on your Specs, rotate your screen to see a bigger picture
  • Find all the Snaps in your Memories

Specs Require:

  • iPhone 5 and later, running iOS 8 and above
  • Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Please Note: If you’re using an iPhone SE but haven’t updated to iOS 10, you might have issues pairing

Charging your Spectacles

If the LED light near your left eye is flashing red when you press the button, that means the battery’s low! To charge your Spectacles, put them in their Charging Case or connect the included USB cable.

How To Pair Specs With Your Device:

  • Turn your device’s Bluetooth on
  • Open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji or the upper left side of the Camera screen
  • Put your Specs on and press the record button while looking at your Snapcode. You will see the pairing animation
  • Enter a name (anything you like) for your Specs
  • Wait to see your Specs appear in the Accessories List, and then tap your Specs’ name. This adds your Specs to your device's Bluetooth list
  • Wait for the “Pairing Successful” confirmation

Importing video in HD

If you’re on an iOS Device:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Swipe up to open Memories
  • Tap the title of a Story
  • Tap ‘Get HD,’ and Snapchat will walk you through the rest!

If you’re on an Android device:

  • Your HD videos will automatically import alongside your regular videos over Wi-Fi.

Black, Coral, Teal


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